Friday April 12 - Clue #1

I am the clue that will be here when it is time to run the clues.

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Holiday in Dixie provides cultural enrichment, family oriented activities, economic development, a celebration of the Louisiana Purchase and most importantly, a spirit of community involvement and pride.

The KTBS Channel 3 Treasure Hunt

Treasure FOUND

The treasure was found at 9:00 Sunday morning, April 13th. The winner is Lucian Hughes.


First called a Bluff, then a Landing, how witty
It’s been a village, a town and now a full city


The history of Caddo is glamorous and old.
But it’s modern day Bossier that promises riches and gold.


Go hunt for the treasure in public you’ll be.
Don’t dig or destroy – it’s easy to see.
Be cautious, respectful of all property.
And soon the winner of $1,500 you will be.


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